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Veranstaltung: SOMATIC NATURE

SA, 15.10.2022 - SO, 16.10.2022
Workshop | MV | SOMATIC NATURE |
with David Mooney

Movement Medicine and Polyvagal Practices

This weekend workshop is a place to RECHARGE YOU through weaving of somatic practice, polyvagal exercises, free movement, nature’s teachings, simple compassionate guidance, inspiring music and authentic connection in community.

It is so important to pause, dance and recharge particularly in these unique times where there is so much change, noise, conflicting opinions and environments of distress. This is a space to exhale, shake off and tune into the deeper sanity of nature's rhythms.
This is about meeting these times resourced and self connected, rather than from a self protective posture.

An exploration of the Wisdom of the Elements will be combined with the profound medicinal importance of developing a Compassionate ‘Inner witness’

There will be information about:
- A neuroscience perspective of our capacity to create real, long lasting inner change.
- The deeply informative work of Somatic Experiencing, Peter Levine and Bessel Van Der Kolk.
- Polyvagal Theory developed by Dr. Stephen Porges and Deb Dana.

This course will contain:
- Resources of connection to somatic intelligence and medicine of movement
- The shamanic wisdom of nature's teachings
- Science backed efficacy of
- Polyvagal practices to tone your nervous system
- The vibrant inspiration and alongsideness of a small community to explore the power of practice

COST: € 220,- /€ 210,- Members of JAGATI
Early Bird : € 180,- / € 170,- if paid in full by September 1st, 2022
Elders, students and dancers from Eastern European countries: € 150,-
Ort wird bei Anmeldung bekanntgegeben

Organisation : Eva Brunner


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