Ein Wochenendworkshop mit Silvija Tomcik

10-12.November 2017

“Surrendering to the movement practice teaches us to trust.”

Gabrielle Roth

Chaos. The rhythm of absolute surrender and a deep letting go. When the dance happens without us controlling it. We release and shake everything that we hold on to, everything that burdens us and celebrate the no mind state. We will ride the waves of each Rhythm, practising to soften at the point when we are ready to let go, to surrender, to blossom. Chaos is the marriage of the masculine and feminine. The surrendering of the lovers to something bigger that brought them together in the first place. We give ourselves to the wildness of a dance that can never be planned or repeated. In the midst of the storm we practice softness and finding our center.

“I can tell you that it takes great strength to surrender. You have to know that you are not going to collapse. Instead, you are going to open to a power that you don’t even know, and it is going to come to meet you. In the process of healing, this is one of the huge things that I have discovered. People recognized the energy coming to meet them. When they opened to another energy, a love, a divine love, came through to meet them. That is what is known as grace. We all sing about amazing grace. It is a gift. I think that it comes through the work that we do. For some people, it can come out of the blue, but I know that in my own situation, the grace came through incredible vigilance.” Marion Woodman

Silvija Tomčik, accredited 5Rhythms teacher, was introduced to Gabrielle Roth’s teachings through her book Maps to Ecstasy 20 years ago. It was a powerful encounter, which motivated Silvija to begin searching for teachers of the 5Rhythms with whom she wished to dance. So she began organizing 5Rhythms workshops and brought the method to Croatia and the region for the first time. After having danced for several years, she did the teacher training with Gabrielle in USA, where she received Waves certification in 2001. She received her Heartbeat Level training and certification in 2010. She is currently a member of the Teaching Staff team that provides Teacher Training at the moment, led by Jonathan Horan. Teaching and dancing are her natural gifts.

Prices : 180,- € /Jagati members and early booking price (with 50 € deposit until 1. October): 160,- €

Early booking for Jagati members: 140,- €

Location : Studio KI, Burggasse 9 Graz


Friday: 18.00-20.30

Saturday: 12.00-19.00  Sunday: 10.30-17.00

Information and contact :  Stefania:

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CARNEVAL – ein Tag mit den Archetypen des Weiblichen


Es gibt so viele Bilder und Zuschreibungen von und über Frauen, die uns erklären (möchten) wer und was wir Frauen sind.  Lassen wir sie Revue passieren, einzeln oder auch Hand in Hand mit ihren weiblichen Verwandten und Freundinnen.

Tanzen wir mit den 5RHYTHMEN (noch einmal) hinein ins Feld der Archetypen des Weiblichen,  jenen Raum der Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten unseres Frau-Seins, den wir mit all unseren Ahninnen teilen

Tanzen und feiern wir die Bilder und Rollen, in die wir Frauen immer wieder schlüpfen – aus Gewohnheit, aus Notwendigkeit, als Spiel; manchmal weil wir es müssen – diesmal WEIL WIR ES SO WOLLEN!

mit: Eva Brunner



Datum: Samstag 11.Februar 2016
Zeit: 11.00-18.00 (ink. Pausen)
Ort: Studio Ki (Burggasse 9, 2.Stock, Barocksaal) GRAZ
Beitrag:  €90,-
–> €80,- für Mitglieder des Verein JAGATI
–> €75,- FRÜHBUCHER bei Anmeldung und Einzahlung bis 14.Jänner 2017
–> € 50,- Schülerinnen/Studierende/Pensionistinnen
Anmeldung: Eva Brunner – oder über die Anmeldeseite unserer Homepage.