Daniela Pall

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

Daniela Pall
Daniela Pall

At the age of 24, in a very small part of Austria, I danced with a handful of people. One woman of this circle played a CD from Gabrielle and her inviting voice accompanied me the first time through the body parts.

This circle became a regular dance in sweating and praying . 2008 my dancing feet met 5Rhythm teachers and I immediately fell in love with this practice. Dancing 5 Rhythms planted a seed in my life which became a plant, a life tree.

Gabrielle´s map helped me to create this bridge from my body to my heart to my mind and to my soul. I have experienced my ability to expand and widen my heart.

Skills like being attentive and compassionate, expressing my inner world and emotions, nourishing my creativity, helped me to dance my visions and dreams into reality.

So this is what I offer, sharing this love with other dancing feet around the world to live the presence of the moment in life with all its aspects. Being held by spiritual ancestors of the elements, animals, people, mystery and breath. Nestled by my beloved three children and my husband.

Country: Austria
Dancing since: 2008
Languages: English, German