Infoletter – Gold of the Soul

Dear Movement Medicine Dancers!

Here you find some information for our workshop in Graz January 26th – 28th 2018.

First of all we want to welcome you and pass on a message from David:

Dear dancers,

 I am very happy you will be joining us for our Gold of the Soul weekend gathering in Graz.

 You are very welcome to this circle and I look forward to meeting you. Movement Medicine is a beautiful body of work and the most direct way I have found into connection with what is truly essential and alive within myself, it is also the one of the strongest ways for me to engage with the extraordinary and challenging experience of being human. It is a place where I can bring and experience my strength, gratitude and passion for being alive and open to and allow my vulnerability and sensitivity in being human. It’s a place I can bring all of myself. Many openings of heart I have had on the dance floor and many times I have experienced coming home to what really matters for me and learned to slowly listen to that deeper wisdom of the souls wise elder within. I am so deeply grateful for this work and I am delighted to be spending the weekend with you to explore these rich, subtle, activating and supportive maps of Movement Medicine and the landscape of the heart and soul. In many ways our work has already begun together. I look forward to meeting you in the dance so each of us can open and awaken a little more to the presence of your heart and let that be the guiding voice. In times when there is so much noise and catalytic information about how things are in the world coming our way, this is a time to open space for the hearts call, come back to the ground of being so we can lean in and from here offer what we have to offer in and to this world.

 Maybe you are called to the circle for very specific reasons, maybe you simply want to dance . You are very welcome and if you have an opportunity before the weekend I invite you to take a moment to take a breath, perhaps put on a tune you love, have a dance or light a candle and tune in to what calls you to this circle this weekend and what your intention is for our time together.

 See you soon and I look forward to share time in Movement Medicine with you.

 Big love,



Time table

Friday 26.1.2018               18.00 – 21.00
ATTENTION: we expect many dancers on Friday evening so please arrive early enough to avoid a “traffic jam” at the entrance

Saturday 27.1.2018         11.00 – 19.00
Sunday 28.1.2018             10.00 – 17.30

All parts of the workshop (open Evening on Friday and the workshop itself on Saturday and Sunday are at our beautiful KI

Burggasse 9, 2nd floor at Studio KI (Kulturinitiative) in the very centre of Graz.

Good to bring with you
On Saturday and Sunday we will have a lunch break. We suggest that everybody brings something to eat and we share it and eat it together. From our side there will be fruits and tea available.

Please bring your own cup if possible and if you need please bring also a plate and knife/fork/spoon.

Please be aware that parking in the city Graz is not for free – 30 min cost 0,90 Euro so if you come by car bring enough change with you!

On Friday you have to pay until 8 pm, and on Saturday you pay for parking from 9 till 13, on Sundays it is free. Please take into account that it may last a bit before you find a free parking.

Another important info concerning parking: you can park your car in the blue zone (around our venue) only for 3 hours. After that you have to remove the car (or at least put in another parking ticket). The ticket machine takes only money for max. 3 hours!



Workshop: € 220,- / € 210,- Members of JAGATI
Early Bird : € 180,- / € 170,- if paid in full by Dec 9th, 2017
Elders, students and dancers from Eastern European countries: € 120,-

Friday Only: € 25,- / € 22,- Members of JAGATI

Account Information: please add „Gold of the Soul, Graz 2018″
IBAN:   AT61 1420 0200 1096 7407 / BIC:   EASYATW1   /   Verein Jagati

Please contact us if you need any more information or help:

Eva Brunner: [email protected]

Helga Bauer: [email protected] / T+43 650 43 58585